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Educational Handbook


The FINAT Educational Handbook attempts to present the essentials of self-adhesive label production on narrow web reel fed presses, mostly designed and built for that purpose. It also reviews the key characteristics of adhesive labels thus produced and their use. The book is based on contributions from members of the FINAT Marketing Committee representing the various trades comprised in the labelling industry, and re-edited by 4impression Training based in the UK

Over the past 50 years the production and usage of self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive) labels has evolved through the application of traditional skills, global development, a great deal of company nased innovation, and a degree of trial and error.

Every aspect of production is currently undergoing changes that would appear to be taking the industry out of the traditional mould. The changes being introduced are dramatic. No longer are we modifying existing practices - the way forward introduces new skills, some of which may prove difficult for existing employees to learn, and production by means of new technologies involving new investment.

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  1. Foreword
  2. Overview
  3. The manufacturing process
  4. Design
  5. Repro
  6. Pre-press
  7. Substrates and adhesives
  8. Inks and varnishes
  9. The printing processes
  10. Press design and selection
  11. Digital printing processes
  12. Embellishments
  13. Conversion
  14. Label application systems
  15. Total applied cost
  16. Label formats
  17. Environmental issues
  18. Health and safety
  19. Glossary
  20. Acknowledgements
  21. Index


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