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It is important that personnel involved in the design, development and application of all forms of product & print decoration, have an in depth understanding of the processes involved.

FINAT are able to offer its members access to a range of courses through 4impression who are also partner of the Label Academy.  Training at discounted rates so that they are able to train their own staff or educate their customers.

FINAT members can select from a catalogue of existing course modules or have one tailored to meet their individual needs.

4impression are specialist providers of training for, packaging decoration, digital repro, pre-press, printing and embellishments. Staffed by industry trained tutors the team is supported by UK leaders in advanced digital media plus a network of print and packaging suppliers and consultants. Courses are educational, informal and interactive giving ample opportunity for open discussion on areas of specific interest.

Course formats include:

  • One-to-one intensive training
  • Group presentations
  • Low cost on-line webinars

What is the cost?
Because each course is tailored to individual company needs each course is quoted separately. Discounted rates are available to FINAT members.

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The course will explore emerging technologies that are set to drive packaging forward and that will enhance it in new and innovative ways.


Making the right choices to reduce your costs and maximise the visual appeal of your packaging.

This jargon free course will provide a clear understanding of all the printing and embellishments that are available and will explain how to make the right choices in order to optimise the visual appeal of the pack.