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The FINAT association contains several groups. Click in the dropdown menu above on the several groups to read more about them.

Board and Committee work in FINAT
Every 6 months, the FINAT Board and committees meet at a central location in Europe. During three days, the Board, Marketing and Technical Committees and their respective subcommittees and taskforces meet. An overview of the general programme for these three days.

The first day, the 8 subcommittees convene in the afternoon to conclude their actions and prepare proposals and motions for their main committee meeting the next morning. In between meetings, work in progress has been covered at teleconferences and web-meetings. This way, the division of the workload is optimised and non-productive time commitment reduced to the minimum.

 Both the Technical and Marketing have 4 sub committees dealing with the Test Methods, Technical Communications & Seminar, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs on the Technical side and the Congress, PR/Communications, Industry Trends and Membership at the Marketing end. During the plenary committee meeting on the next day, progress is reported, decisions are taken and motions prepared for approval by the Board the next day. Sometimes, an external speaker is invited to present a topic of relevance to the work of the committee. 

In the afternoon after the plenary Technical and Marketing Committee meetings, there is room for special (cross-functional) taskforces such as the Recycling Group, the New Converting Technology Taskforce, the Membership Committee (bringing together members from the Marketing Committee and the Board) as well as the Labelexpo Advisory Board.

During the evenings before the meetings, FINAT invites the Board and committee members present to a networking dinner.

At the beginning of October 2014, Amsterdam provided the venue for this year’s autumn meeting. In total, the sessions brought together more than 50 experts from around 50 companies and organisations and from all segments of the production chain.

Topics covered on the agenda included a wide variety of issues, such as:

  • The development of food safety guidelines for the label industry
  • Commissioning a professional consultant to develop a harmonised LCA guidance document for the label industry
  • Engagement in an on-going ISO project to establish specifications for label materials
  • Development of new test methods
  • Programming the Printed Electronics webinar for November
  • Initiating a digital printing event
  • Preparing the next Young Managers Club global congress in Bratislava next April
  • Assessing and redirecting FINAT’s on going trade media campaign
  • Enhancing FINAT’s online member community and social media presence 
  • Rebranding the FINAT Congress into ‘The European Label Forum’
  • Evaluating the first edition of the FINAT RADAR and preparing the format of the next one
  • Redesigning FINAT’s membership brochure and preparing the next ‘Member Drive’
  • Evaluating FINAT’s first Recycling Award and preparing the next edition
  • Addressing regulatory issues related to liner recycling
  • Formalising the Labelexpo Advisory Board into the FINAT structure
  • Etc.